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Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra "Pulsion" Double LP

Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra "Pulsion" Double LP

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Track List

A1) Kagemusha

A2) Pulsion

A3) Rituel

A4) Resurrection

B1) La Traque 

B2) Homo Analog

B3) Audio Synthèse

B4) La Blanche

C1) Complot

C2) Shaman

C3) Drama

C4) En Sursis

D1) Chroniques Marxiennes

D2) French Connexion

D3) Code Panthera

D4) Kung Fu

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With the music of the Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra, do not expect an easy afrobeat from a band that wants to hitch a ride on the popularity of the genre in an easy way. No, ALVO is very close to the dark spheres of the fusion that Miles Davis made around the early 1970s. However, their songs are a lot more compact than Davis's which usually lasted a whole record side. The sources of inspiration provided by founder Masta Conga are even more obscure than the music. How about the library music of Vladimir Cosma, Michel Colombier and Francois de Roubaix, and French progressive bands like Magma and Zao, who were the inspiration for the grooves. For the influences of the spiritual sauce with which the rhythms are doused, the band went to the Far East to delve into the work of Yuji Imamura, Hozan Yamamoto, Masabumi Kikuchi and Hino Terumusa. Pierre Boulez's modern classical music also left its mark on Pulsion. It goes without saying that this sound is not for everyone, but for those who like tightly drawn tension arcs in music, Pulsion is actually mandatory.