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BAAST "Trident" LP

BAAST "Trident" LP

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Track List

A1) 1111

A2) Neptune

A3) Siren (Spring)

A4) Trident

A5) 1113

A6) Tentacle

B1) Kraken Mare

B2) Neuron

B3) Fathoms

B4) 1311

B5) Siren (Fall)

B6) Poseidon

B7) 1313

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The third installment of the Baast album series "Trident" sees the band heading into the direction of electronic soundscapes, delving deeper into soundtrack and ambient textures more so than previous albums "Dimension" and "Bazaar".
R. Scott Dibble and the inimitable DJ Johnny Basil remain at the helm with a round of uber talented guest artists who've contributed in the past along with some new players, heavy on talent but even more so on the vibe that's captured in the recordings.