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Connie Price & The Keystones "Tell Me Something"

Connie Price & The Keystones "Tell Me Something"

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A1) International Hustler

A2) Put Your Weight On It

A3) High Life

A4) Tell Me Something

B1) Hoagies Revenge

B2) Pirates Of The Mediterranean

B3) Master At Work

B4) Thundersounds

B5) Catatonia (Get 'Em)

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The follow-up to their "Now-Again/Stones Throw" album is a heavyweight dynamic soundtrack inspired hip-hop effort. While their debut was instrumental, this one is the opposite, featuring a marquee-filling list of quality MCs such as Big Daddy Kane, Percee P, Wildchild from the Lootpack, Ohmega Watts, Soup from Jurassic 5, Blood of Abraham, Mykah 9 from the Freestyle Fellowship and Project Blowed, plus vocalist Aloe Blacc. The double CD contains one vocal disc and one instrumental disc.