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Jed and Lucia "Apostrophe/April Showers" 10" Vinyl

Jed and Lucia "Apostrophe/April Showers" 10" Vinyl

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Track List

A1) Apostrophe (Shawn Lee Remix)

A2) Apostrophe

B1) April Showers (Shlomo Remix)

B2) April Showers

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Like the distant cousins of Jose Gonzales and Boards of Canada, Jed and Lucia’s songs have a pastoral sensibility that has been warped by their love for electronics. Their forthcoming album, “Superhuman Heart,” is a kaleidoscope of tunes dreamed-up and recorded in the hills, parks and woods of North Berkeley.

This limited edition 10" (300 only!) features two tracks from that album, plus stellar remixes from Shawn Lee and Shlohmo. Lee turns the breezy “Apostrophe” into a catchy head-nod-inducing bossa with just a touch of psych. While LA beat scene fave Shlohmo bends the already-twisted folk sound of “April Showers” into a new more angular shape, complete with other-worldly electronics, aggo-gritty beats and plenty o'bass.

Jed and Lucias vocal harmonies smack of classic 1960s Cali-pop, but their acoustic guitars and poignant lyrics are subverted by sun-drenched synths and bass lines that add a subtle dose of urban bump and grind. Folksy songs are transformed by acid-tripped atmospherics in a soundtrack for creatures that crawl from the back woods into the city at nightfall.