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John Arnold "Neighborhood Science" Double LP

John Arnold "Neighborhood Science" Double LP

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Track List

A1) I Can Be

A2) Rough

B1) Inside

B2) We're Not

C1) Broken

C2) Fabric

D1) Get Yourself Together

D2) Anaconda

D3) Neighborhood Science

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Over the past few years John Arnold has risen to public attention along with a new wave of Detroit producers and artists. Neighborhood Science includes appearances from some of those peers like keyboard maestro and vocalist Amp Fiddler (of P-Funk All-stars and Genuine Records), vocalist and multi-talented musician Ayro (Omoa music) and producer and vocalist Malik Alstin (collaborator with Roy Davis Jr). They just happen to be from around the way, and helped shape the John Arnold sound on "Neighborhood Science," his debut album. "My neighborhood is brimming with talent, we all live and breathe music. I really wanted to present this scene on my record, because it defines who I am," states Arnold.