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Mekbuda "The Wonder Of Wandering" LP

Mekbuda "The Wonder Of Wandering" LP

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Track List

A1) Who's In Da Lead

A2) Odysseus

A3) Night Glider

B1) The Variations Of Space

B2) Castor & Pollux

B3) Hoppin' & Trippin'

B4) Outaspace Messenger

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Russia's cosmic jazz ambassadors Mekbuda strike back with a new album, The Wonder of Wandering, dedicated to the concept of space travel and heavily inspired by vintage sci-fi movies. In fact, the album sounds like an OST for an imaginary sci-fi flick. It represents a collection of instrumental soundscapes: psych-tinged trumpet solos poured over atmospheric synth pads and backed by a steady rhythm section easily shifting from dusty jazz shuffle to uptempo broken beat.

The Wonder of Wandering is definitely based upon the ideas rooted in their previous release, Convincing Delusional, but it takes them to the next level in terms of arrangements and individual performance. So lay back, relax and put a needle to the groove. The universe is immense, full of wonders and ready for wanderers!