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Mistura Pura "Vamo Vive" 7 Inch

Mistura Pura "Vamo Vive" 7 Inch

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Track List

A) Vamo Vive

B) Ed è...

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Federica Grappasonni aka Mistura Pura is an Italian DJ, composer, singer, vinyl collector and music producer. She started to play and produce music at the age of 19 in Bologna, Italy. Before becoming a DJ she wrote and performed her songs live, either as a duo or with a complete band. In the ‘Acid Jazz’ era she was totally immersed in Bossanova, Jazz-funk and Jazzy Hip Hop music. At the time she wrote poetry and songs, singing melodies that burned in her mind. ‘Ed è…’ is one of the first songs she wrote. While ‘Vamo Vive’ is the result of the mix of more songs connected as part of her repertoire, made as a later piece of her musical puzzle.

At the end of the ‘90s and for the following decade Federica became known in the so called ‘lounge scene’ as a selector with Mistura Pura DJ sets in great demand, she gained residencies in the most beautiful and cool places in Milan, the isle of Panarea, Eolian Islands, and Sicily. Coming into the present day she decided to edit and rework some of her repertoire with both songs being revisited while keeping the original voice she recorded at the time and with the support of the pianist and co-arranger Alberto Napolioni and the flautist Carlo Nicita whom worked very well to define the harmonies of the musical works. After 25 years from that period and during the pandemic, Federica repeatedly told herself as a loop ‘go to live Fede’. It was during a walk on the beach that she remembered capturing a frame of a couple of children building a castle in the sand on the Adriatic sea with all the meaning and poetry that this image portrays; a sense of freedom, innocence and truth. In this sense ‘Vamo Vive’ and ‘Ed è…’ is a gentle scream of hope in a time that humanity was closed and living like prisoners in their own houses.