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Nobody "All Too Familiar" LP

Nobody "All Too Familiar" LP

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Track List

A1) Watery     

A2) Nothing To Do (Don't Mind The Time)

A3) Petrichor

A4) Smash Yr Radio

A5) Sweet Feeling

A6) Pale

B1) Seventy-Seven

B2) High On Silver Ridge

B3) Sculptures

B4) Liquid Shards

B5) Jejune

B6) Full Circle

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Hypnotic, hazy and floating on a heavy but effervescent cloud, Nobody’s “All Too Familiar” album sees the producer delving into his formative years as a college radio DJ when his sonic palette blossomed. With hip-hop as his foundation, and a newly found affinity for indie and alternative rock leading him to pick up a guitar, the doors to creating music outside of samples was opened. Equal parts Can, Radiohead, Tortoise, plus early DJ Shadow/Mo Wax and the amalgamation of all these sounds has brought forth his first fully instrumental solo record sans samples and primarily written on his guitar.