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Oswald Morris "Drug Song b/w Heat Haze" 7 Inch

Oswald Morris "Drug Song b/w Heat Haze" 7 Inch

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Track List

A) Drug Song

B) Heat Haze

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“Back in 2020 when the pandemic evaporated my touring schedule as a DJ, a couple of friends invited me to spend some time at their home studio. My focus at that time was on 70’s and 80’s Library Music (making edits and remixes at home), so we took that catalogue as a starting point to jam and record some of our own interpretations.”
During these sessions two songs took center stage, providing arrangements that suited the instruments at hand. Deconstructing the originals and rearranging them gave space for further experimentation and improvisation.
“As a Belgian fan of ‘rare grooves’ it’s hard to miss Janko Nilovic. He worked on numerous records that were recorded in our country. His Soul Impressions-LP is probably one of the first Library records I’ve ever listened to, and it still holds a special place in my collection today. If you combine all of this with my love for flute-solos, the choice for Drug Song was almost inevitable.”
It’s not the first time Janko and Oswald’s paths cross: the maestro once provided a guest selection for a Brokers-show.
“The second tune had to come from the mighty KPM catalogue. I think I’m not exaggerating if I say their ‘greensleeves’ are the most iconic series of Library records out there. Top notch productions by the best in the game: Hawkshaw, Bennett, Mansfield, … I even married to a Mansfield-track, just to give you an idea.”
Where Drug Song leans heavy on funky guitar and flute, the flipside of this release brings a more atmospheric take on the genre.
“Since we had a lot of keys in the studio, we picked this John Cameron composition to explore more of that realm. The smooth arrangement of Heat Haze had us vibing for days and brought a perfect counterbalance to the raw qualities of Drug Song. Pure bliss!”