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Luv N' Haight

Round Robin and Brimstone "Round Robin and Brimstone" LP

Round Robin and Brimstone "Round Robin and Brimstone" LP

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Track List

A1) You Can't Do It

A2) Our Love Is So True

A3) Plenty Good Lovin'

B1) Love

B2) I Wanna Live With You

B3) One Night Affair

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A feverish slice of disco-boogie is the calling card for this lost gem from the Dallas-based Platinum City label that 40 years later still percolates the senses for those who love to dance. Round Robin And Brimstone's full album reissue has been over a decade in the making. “Our Love Is So True” was a highlighted selection on the Luv N'Haight Record Store Day compilation Groove Merchant Turns 20 back in 2010, having been personally selected by store owner Chris Veltri whose curation is well-respected by music enthusiasts the world over. The track's nearly 10 minutes of feel-good vibes is accentuated by slick slap bass and a confident lead vocal. Tempo is pushed even further on “Love” where a joyful and exuberant mood pervades thanks in no small part to Round Robin's assured delivery. H.B. Barnum influenced the singer with his ethos-in-the-making quote: “A recording artist is only as big as his last record, but an entertainer always works.” Over the course of multi-decade career, this Brimstone album is a unique exhibition of Round Robin's unwavering talent and willingness to expand his musical horizons.