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The Soul Surfers "Tribute To J.B.'S" 7 Inch

The Soul Surfers "Tribute To J.B.'S" 7 Inch

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Track List

A) Popcorn With A Feeling

B) Givin Up Food For Funk

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The boys from the cold North are back with some fresh heat. "Tribute To J.B.s" has The Soul Surfers giving homage to their greatest influence: the Godfather of Soul and his legendary band The J.B.'s. With a catalog that spans decades and countless classics, they chose to cover the late '60s early '70s period of the band with their drum-heavy take on "Popcorn With A Feeling" off James Brown's "It's A Mother" album and psychedelic version of "Givin' Up Food For Funk" originally released on People as a 7in single.