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Luv n' Haight

Luv N'Haight Edit Series Vol.8: Play My Game

Luv N'Haight Edit Series Vol.8: Play My Game

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Track List

A1) Play My Game (Kon Remix (Caserta Mixdown))

A2) Play My Dub (Kon Remix (Caserta Mixdown))

B1) Play My Game (Ohmega Watts 1990 Mix)

B2) Play My Game (Ohmega Watts 1990 Mix Instrumental)

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Volume 8 of our ongoing Luv N’Haight Edit Series is our biggest one yet! Featuring another helping of Kon with co-headliner Ohmega Watts, taking turns remixing and reimagining another Twilight classic.

Supplied with the original stems culled from master tapes provided by Twilight’s own Lawrence Ross, Kon’s remix transforms the original into a mid-tempo boogie-house jam. The deep, minimal intro gives way to a swinging groove with the chorus interspersed in perfectly to sync with the tune. Also included is a dub version that’s a bit more stripped down giving the groove a bit more room to stretch out.

Ohmega Watts’ title for his remix is apropos as it’s the type of song to get a house party jumping. With a classic 4 on the floor house beat accompanied by a groovy driving bassline, it’s definitely guaranteed to shake your hips and move your feet!