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Shawn Lee "Moods And Grooves" Double LP

Shawn Lee "Moods And Grooves" Double LP

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Track List

A1) P Walk

A2) Brighton Rock

A3) Igors Revenge

A4) The Noose

A5) Windy City

B1) Cha Love

B2) The Chase

B3) Laurel Canyon      

B4) Indian Summer    

B5) Prog Funk 

B6) Electric Tit

C1) Spooky Street

C2) That's Right

C3) Echo Park

C4) Jagger      

C5) Ping Pong Song

C6) Westenders

C7) Skunky Funky

D1) Garden Funk        

D2) Boogalo

D3) Theme From Andrex

D4) Praying Mantis

D5) 26

D5) 60s Swinger

D6) Lous Place

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The second album from Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra goes deep into cinematic territory with some seriously-Schiffrin smoke-filled beats, adrenaline-inducing rhythms, and dark alleyway spooky tunes. Taking inspiration from classic library records produced by companies like Music de Wolfe and KPM, Ubiquity presents the second in our series of Studio Sessions albums. Volume two features 20+ mood setting tracks that work great as an album to listen too, as a DJ tool, a production tool for sampling, or music for beds in advertising or film.