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Super Yamba Band ft. Osei Korankye "Yen Ni Agoro b/w Wo Nkoa Mendo" 7 Inch

Super Yamba Band ft. Osei Korankye "Yen Ni Agoro b/w Wo Nkoa Mendo" 7 Inch

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Track List

A) Yen Ni Agoro

B) Wo Nkoa Mendo

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Osei Korankye is a master musician and singer from Accra, Ghana. Known as one of the very last remaining Seperewa musicians in Ghana. The Brooklyn-based Super Yamba Band, comprised of Daniel Yount (drums), Evan Frierson (percussion), Walter Fancourt (sax), Sean Smith (trumpet), Eric Burns (guitar) and Prince Amu (bass) have long been students and devoted fans of vintage West African, psychedelic Afro-funk. Super Yamba Band pushes boundaries, always favoring melodies meant to excite and engage larger audiences. It's difficult to imagine anyone resisting the group's infectious beats.

These songs are a throw back to the classic styles of Afro-Funk in 1970s Ghana.

Upon a trip to the United States in 2017 Korankye linked up with Yount for a few gigs in New York City. Yount learned Korankye’s music and played drums on the gigs. “After that I knew I wanted to collaborate with Osei on some of the songs Super Yamba had written in the style of Ghanaian funk.” The collaboration came together effortlessly and the result is two beautifully psychedelic funk tunes made for dancing time!