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Shawn Lee "Ape Breaks Vol. 1" LP

Shawn Lee "Ape Breaks Vol. 1" LP

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Track List

A1) Big Foot

A2) Dope' Beat

A3) Urko S Revenge

A4) Drums Of Dung

A5) Cooked

A6) Funky Junk

A7) Steve Mack Queen

A8) Jezzy Jam

A9) T-Break

B1) The Peru

B2) Sting Weasel

B3) Eg Roll

B4) Bassment Beat

B5) Premier Funk

B6) Tooker B

B7) Rim Job

B8) P-Phunk

B9) Sambhi Strut

B10) Fat Foot

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A platter of tasty beats in the tradition of the funky drummer series of break records Ubiquity put out a few years back. Just drums, raw and crisp, and ready for battling, looping or whatever you need. These aren't looped bits from famous breaks or some fool with a drum machine in his bedroom, but fresh new beats recorded by an actual drummer, fills and all! They're conveniently labelled with BPMs, and there's a variety of snare, kick and cymbal tones used throughout. Names like "Premier Funk", "Steve Mack Queen" and "Fat Foot" give you an idea what we're talking about, and there's 3 extra beats included on the CD.