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Shawn Lee "Ape Breaks Vol. 5" LP

Shawn Lee "Ape Breaks Vol. 5" LP

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Track List

A1) Hit Me

A2) Squeeky Door

A3) Beach Blanket

A4) April Showers

A5) The Duck

A6) Honky Tonk

A7) Mayfair

A8) Fatboy Rim

A9) Dead Beat

B1) Slow Motion

B2) 50 Ways

B3) Rim Shot

B4) My Left Foot

B5) Barney Miller

B6) Straight Ahead

B7) Fish Break

B8) Ruff Stuff

B9) Bolero

B10) Special Sauce

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The latest from Shawn Lee's drum break series contains 22 breaks on CD, and 19 on vinyl. Each drum loop lasts up to two minutes with occasional pattern changes. BPMs are listed for easy reference, and range from 64 to 124, so there's something for the slo-mo Portishead fans as well as the disco heads. All bright and bouncy beats are recorded live and loud